Thursday, 2 March 2017

Horizon Jewellery Finding's First Birthday

Hello Peeps

It's been very long I have neglected my blog, didn't visited friends blog, not even crafted except for my DT work. Believe me I missed all this. This post is all about what I was doing for last one year.

I am a jewelry lover from beginning. I also did diploma in Jewelry Designing but somehow couldn't pursue it as a career. Because of my love for jewelry when I started crafting in 2011 one of my first post was on paper bead jewelry. At that time not many people used to make it as compared to today. I also sent jewelry pieces for ICR's first exhibition. And in between crafting tried my hands on paper jhumkas, beaded earrings , anklets and stuff like that. So this my short story on my jewelry love (not complete though)

I always had a dream of having my own store of jewelry supplies. So last year I decided to go after my dreams. And I opened an online shop for jewelry and findings - Horizon Jewellery Findings. It kept me busy and I didn't got time for crafting. I haven't shared about my little store here yet. It's been year now and today is my store's First Birthday. So I thought to share this with my crafters friends today. Would love if you visit my store. Here's the link -  Horizon Jewellery Findings

Thank You so much for taking time and visiting my blog !!!
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